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When it comes to your business' legal status, name registration, litigation and other issues, contact us to help you understand and handle these matters. We can clearly lay out best steps for you and your business.

Bring your business legal matters to us and have one less thing to worry about.

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In addition to helping you get your business started, we can aid in its operation. Is someone holding onto something you own? Need help in debt collection and equitable distribution? Do your contracts need to be drafted by a lawyer in order to meet your business' needs? We can do that at the Law Offices of David A. Martino.

Day-to-day operations

•  Equitable disputes

•  Debt collection

•  Contracts

•  Corporation and LLC status

•  Litigation

•  Fictitious name registration

•  Updating of corporate books

• Social Security Disability &

Unemployment Compensation



Some of our civil law services

We can help. We can register your business' name and help you seek certain tax statuses. Let us be your comprehensive legal sources and ensure your business starts on the right path.

Thinking of starting a business and need legal guidance?

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