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The Law Offices of David A. Martino offers you several years of experience in the legal field. Mr. Martino is particularly well-versed in all areas. You get a non-judgmental attorney and years of experience when you get David Martino.

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The Law Office of David A. Martino has handled thousands of criminal cases. When you use us, you get over 40 years of experience in law and a vast amount of knowledge. We understand how to handle these cases and get the best outcome for you.

Thousands of cases represented

•  DUI and DWI

•  Drug offenses

•  Juvenile

•  Traffic

•  Petty theft

•  Misdemeanors and felonies

•  Expungement of criminal record

A sample of criminal

law cases:

It's extremely important to know your rights in the area of criminal law. Ask for us as soon as you can. We can guide you through the legal system during these stressful times. We also assist in bail bonds processing and non-confrontational cases as well.

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