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Personal injury can happen anytime. Whether you are being accused of causing it or the injured party, we are here to represent you, no matter which side of the equation you are on. We can help guide and represent you through the legal process ahead.

When you are confronted with injury, call us at


Don't let the insurance companies bully you after an injury. If you are having problems with your insurance company after an injury, contact us to help deal with this situation. We are experienced in dealing with these companies, and it's good to have the law on your side in a time of crisis.

Confront insurance bullying

We can represent you in a variety of personal injury law cases, such as:

Personal injury representation

It's important to know your legal rights and know them quickly when you are confronted with injury and need to pursue legal action.

We can guide you through the slips and falls

When you've been injured, get us on your side

  • Car accidents

  • Dog bites

  • Product liability

  • Slip & Falls

  • Workmans’Compensation

  • Medical Malpractice