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Social security cards

With over 40 years of experience in the legal field, we know how to navigate the legal process and understand the issues you encounter with Social Security and Disability. If you feel like you are being discriminated against, contact us today. The attorney only gets paid if you get paid.

Your health and wellbeing are important. Trust us to help you get the compensation you need by calling us today at


There are different regulations with Social Security and Disability for when you are over and under 50 years old. Even a missing piece of paperwork can change everything. We can help ensure you navigate the process with greater ease and understand what needs to be done.

Understanding the process

We can be there for you and represent you at your hearings. You don't need to feel lost when you come to the Law Offices of David A. Martino. We will work with you, so you don't get pressured into a denial of your benefits. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Representation for hearings

It is not uncommon to be denied Social Security or Disability benefits when you need them. That's why it is important to get the representation and knowledge we can offer you.

Even two claim denials can be normal

Get the Social Security and disability you deserve